Super Bowl Saturday? Better for business

by Evil HR Lady on February 5, 2014

Well-known sports journalist Kenny Mayne says it’s time to move the Super Bowl to Saturday. I would have written about this yesterday, but figured you were all still too hungover from the big game to read about it. And that, is Mr. Mayne’s point. It’s the biggest sports day of the year. Even people who don’t like football throw Super Bowl parties, and lots of people drink, and then find themselves hung over at work on Monday morning.

The non-drinkers are also affected. While they might not be hung over, they may still want to chew over details of the game with colleagues. This too affects productivity.

Mayne, an anchor at ESPN, has a website, Move the Big Game, where he explains his reasons for wanting to change the bowl to Saturday. His idea is a valid one. Why do we have the Super Bowl on Sunday? Because we always have? Because Sunday night football is a tradition? Because college games are typically Saturdays while the pros play on Sunday? Tradition is a hard thing to overcome, but I’m firmly on Mayne’s side.

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On a side note, me writing about the Super Bowl is about the most humorous thing ever. I only even know the super bowl exists because of my Facebook friends. My editor asked me to write about it, by the way. It wasn’t on my radar otherwise. I mean, it’s a sport. Yucky. Although, most Super Bowl parties have good food (and by good, I mean unhealthy), so I support that.

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