Secret’s Safe With Me — Or is It? Workplace Privacy in the Internet Age

by Evil HR Lady on February 2, 2015

Human Resource professionals believe in privacy. We don’t share salaries or performance ratings (unless it’s part of our company policy to do so). When someone comes to complain about a perceived injustice, we conduct our investigations with the utmost care. When we coach a manager on how to handle a difficult employee, we do so behind closed doors so that only those that truly need to know, know. Privacy is a hallmark of good HR.

In an effort to be efficient, though, we’ve made everything electronic. Yes, this is convenient and makes it possible to review everything from an employee’s pay history to their performance reviews with one click or toggle. However, it also means that employee privacy has become a lot harder.

In the old days, we did paper — and lots of it. Violating employee privacy was possible in only a few ways — if we left something at the copier, or accidentally set a file down in the office kitchen, for example. Now? Well, take the case of a poor former co-worker who accidentally sent a detailed rejection email to everyone in the building rather than just to the internal candidate. For hours, people were hitting reply-all saying, “Why am I getting this?” and then those responses started to morph into, “For all this embarrassment, you should just give the guy the job anyway.”

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