How to Build a Better Marijuana Policy

by Evil HR Lady on April 20, 2015

A little more than 6 years ago, my American husband received a job offer in Switzerland. Being that I was working as a labor and employment law consultant in the United States, I asked him, “How are they doing the drug test? Do they contract with someone local? Does the US office of their company take care of it?”

He looked through the paperwork and contract (Swiss jobs come with contracts), and said, “There’s no drug test information.”

I knew this had to be a mistake. His job was for a pharmaceutical company. I worked in HR for a pharmaceutical company and knew full well that every one of our competitors did drug testing. I urged him to call the hiring company and get it straightened out right away–after all, we didn’t want to move the whole family across the ocean only to be told, “Oops, we forgot to do the drug test. You can’t start until we get the results back.” He held firm. “This is Switzerland,” he said, “the Swiss don’t make mistakes.”

It turns out that they don’t test for drugs regularly either. And while marijuana usage or possession is illegal, the consequence is a 100 frank ($104 USD) fine and nobody cares all that much.

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And as a side note, my editor at Inc asked me to do an article on this topic for today. I had to google to see why the date was important. Apparently I’m not hip enough to know about this 4/20 or 420 or whatever in the heck you whippersnappers use to keep it quiet from us old fuddie duddies. But, we’re on to you. Oh, yes, we are.

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