8 Tips about How to Get Results from Your Employees

by Evil HR Lady on April 8, 2016

Sometimes people who haven’t ever been managers imagine that being a manager is somewhat like sitting in a big leather chair and issuing proclamations. The modern day equivalent of being a king. The reality is there might be a leather chair involved, but proclamations are few and far between.

The responsibilities are serious and heavy. Even if you’re the CEO, there’s someone you’re reporting to in – the CEO’s case the stockholders or the board of directors or just your own bank account – and all other managers have managers above them as well.

If you’re a manager, you need to get good results from your employees or you’ll find yourself out on your ear. How can you do that? Well, it’s a lot of hard work, but doable. Here are some tips and trips for getting the best work from your employees.

Hire People Who are Better than You Are

You need to hire the best people you can find. Not that you must hire perfection – perfection doesn’t exist. You need to look for great people who will ask you questions, who will point out errors and who will work without you hovering over them.

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