Can I Please Quit without Notice?

by Evil HR Lady on July 7, 2016

To start off, yes I have read all the other posts of yours pertaining to this topic but none of the posts seem to apply to people working in positions other than office jobs. I work at Company A. Company A is a fast-food franchise popular for hiring young teenagers with no work experience, in the states. I want to work for Company B. Company B is a fast-paced industrial chain factory.

I have some good references for company B because the big boss is my great cousin, and his brother is the head of the department I want to work in. Unfortunately, the interviewer is on vacation for the next week or so. Which means I won’t have a solid answer about whether or not I will get hired for another week or so. So I can’t submit any sort of notice to company A for a bit.

But I know for a fact that once I do get hired, I will probably start the next Monday coming up afterwards. This will most likely not leave any sort of room for notice. Since company A is typically used to finding replacements for people who just don’t want to come in… I don’t see how they’d have a hard time filling in the shifts I didn’t complete.

But my biggest concerns are that, number one, I am a polite person who will try to never inconvenience anyone for my own benefit. It is literally against my morals to quit without notice. I also need a signature from my employer to apply for student loans, to claim any income I received during my pre-study period. If I quit without warning, I will probably never be allowed back.

So, if I do get hired at Company B, how do I break it to Company A in a way that’ll make it so they don’t hate me. I even told them at the start of summer that I would probably not go back to school and stay here longer than the summer, because they have a huge turnover rate at the end of summer as students go back to school. They hired me under the guise that I would be a long-term employee, rather than a part-time student.
It was probably unclear, but my question simply is this: Should I quit on the spot the day I get hired at Company B, or submit a 2-weeks notice right now and pray I get hired? And how do I do it in a way that doesn’t cause the entire town to hate me.

You should wait until you receive a formal offer from Company B and then tell company B that you can start in two weeks because you need to give your current employer two weeks notice.

Yes, I understand that lots of people quit on the spot in fast food and retail. Heck, when I worked at Kmart and submitted my two weeks notice, they were totally shocked when I showed up for my scheduled next shift because people don’t do that. But, people should.

Here’s the other thing: Company B would expect you to give two weeks notice if you were planning to leave that company, so they should have no problem with you wanting to give two weeks’ notice to your current job. If they do have a problem with it, that’s a red flag that they don’t respect their employees.

Additionally, I don’t think you’re guaranteed a job with Company B because you’re related. In fact, hiring relatives is generally a bad idea. (I say this as someone who had a great experience working for my dad for a summer, but I’ve seen more nightmares than successes.) Relatives at work can make everything awkward.

So, wait until you get the offer. Tell the new company you need to give notice at your current position. (You could probably be fine with one week, considering it’s fast food and turnover is expected.) Good luck.

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