Does an Exempt Employee Need Permission to Leave the Office?

by Evil HR Lady on September 11, 2017

Recently my dept hired a new manager, my first interaction with her happened when I broke a tooth and had to go to the dentist on an emergency work in basis.

I sent an email to my new manager letting her know that I would be leaving for the emergency appointment and giving full details; then coming back after. I also explained that my calendar was free for the afternoon with no pending obligations and notified my coworkers of my whereabouts. She was unavailable for instant messaging or phone calls at this time. I did, however, inform my Director that morning of my pending appointment.

Upon my return, I received an email asking if I had approved this through another manager (none were available) and that in the future she had to approve time off for doctor/dentist appointments – period.

I was adamant that I did my due diligence under the circumstances and do not believe I need approval to go to doctor’s appointments other than giving as much notice as I am able to and have consistently done. This is the first emergency visit to a doctor/dentist in my entire work history.

For informational purposes, I am salaried, have an exemplary work record, have taken 1 sick day in the last 12 months, and schedule minimal doctor’s appointments.

I would appreciate your advice, applicable laws on this subject and any other information/advice you might be able to offer before I take this to HR.

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