How Should You Respond to a Racist or Sexist Customer?

by Evil HR Lady on November 29, 2017

You know not to tolerate an employee who uses a racial epithet or makes a sexual advance toward a co-worker. You’d involve HR, and use progressive discipline, upt to and including termination. It’s not acceptable. But what do you do when a client who crosses the line?

This is a serious problem facing every company that deals with the public. Even rude people need technicians to come to their houses or businesses to fix or install equipment.

In some customer service settings, such as call centers, dealing with inappropriate customers can be straightforward. Calls are recorded, so employees can easily escalate unsavory remarks to a supervisor, or simply disconnect the call. The recording serves as proof of what actually occurred.

In the field, it’s not so easy.It’s your tech’s word against the customer’s — and the customer is always right, right?

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