Hiring a Field Service Tech? Look for these 5 Attributes

Hiring is always a challenge: finding the right candidates, going through the interview process, making an offer, and getting the candidate to accept. After all, most managers only hire a few people a year (if that), which shows that few are experts at knowing what to look for during an interview. 

While hiring is always a gamble, one common mistake that managers make is focusing too much on a candidate’s resume, and not enough on skills or personality traits that aren’t neatly displayed on the page—but that could be crucial to the job. Reduce the risk by looking for these five traits when evaluating new field service techs: 

Understanding of Customer Service 

Most people think of field service as a skills-based job. And it is. But service techs also deal with clients every day. That’s why it’s also important for them to be well-versed in people skills.

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  1. And after you hire the right person(s) don’t nickel and dime them on time. Ask A Manager had an instructive tale about a company that started tracking the tech’s times very closely and customer satisfaction dropped like a stone off a bridge.

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