Don’t Believe Your Boss and HR When They Tell You This

by Evil HR Lady on March 29, 2019

“You will not be eligible for unemployment because you are quitting,” said John’s boss and HR manager.

That makes sense, right? But there was a lot more to the story. John’s company wanted to transfer him across the country–from Indiana to Arizona. He turned down the transfer, and so they said he had to resign and wouldn’t be eligible for unemployment or severance–because they had offered him a perfectly good job.

Fortunately, John thought that was a bit suspicious and he sent me an email.

While it’s generally true that if you quit your job, you’re not eligible for unemployment, it’s not always true. While each state has their own regulations around unemployment eligibility, as a general rule, if the business is moving and it would be a hardship for you to work at the new location, you’ll be eligible for unemployment. Moving across the country would be considered a hardship. Moving down the block would not.

Armed with this information, John went back, and here’s what happened. He writes:

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