Why Your Sick Policy May be Causing Actual Harm

by Evil HR Lady on March 23, 2020

Dr. Kathleen Moncrieff is a family physician who spends her time off sewing masks for herself and her colleagues, as there is a global shortage. They aren’t as good the commercially made masks, she admits, but they are better than nothing. She’s doing everything she can to help keep her community safe and healthy–and she has some sage advice for employers: Stop requiring sick employees to get doctor’s notes

At work, Moncrieff–along with legions of medical personnel–is overwhelmed with patients. Remember, it’s not just Coronavirus patients out there. People still get bladder infections, cut themselves trying to make avocado toast, and have cancer. So, this pandemic is on top of her regular workload. She shared her feelings in a private business group, where we’re both members. She granted me permission to share her request for all employers:

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