10 Signs You May Be a Bad Boss

by Evil HR Lady on June 11, 2020

Are you a good manager or a bad one?

That’s actually not an easy question to answer. There are times when good managers have employees who hate them and bad managers have employees who love them. Bad managers can get results while good managers can have failures. 

If that’s possible, you may wonder why it’s important to be a good manager. Bad managers will have short term successes, high levels of employee burnout, and higher turnover. These are all expensive and a bad way to run a company.

A good manager doesn’t guarantee success, but good managers are willing to take feedback, make changes, and treat their employees properly.

I received an email from a reader whose manager was impossible to work with. I asked him to describe what made this person a bad manager. The reader sent this list describing how their manager treated them.

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