Can You Hear Kids on Your Zoom Calls? Don’t Fire the Parents

by Evil HR Lady on June 29, 2020

In the pre-Covid days, it was absolutely reasonable to tell an employee that someone else must be taking care of the children while you are working. Telecommuting does not mean caring for your children while building a marketing plan.

Then the schools and the daycares shut down and nannies had to return home and shelter in place there. Even with things starting to open up in some places, the schools, daycares and the summer camps have not re-opened everywhere.

And here’s a secret about small children: They can be kind of noisy.

In the ideal family situation, you have two parents who can seamlessly hand off the children to one another with no disruption to work.

In real life, moms still do most of the child care and single parents exist. And, unless you live in a large house, a toddler meltdown will still be heard throughout the house even if someone else is doing the actual child care.

Some bosses get frustrated and criticize, discipline or even, as Modern Cali Mom says, fire.

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