Get a Life (or a New Job)

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I hate my job. My co-workers are idiots. My boss is demanding. The work is dull and I’m underpaid. What can I do?



Dear Stuck,

Get a new job. Or increase your social life so that work doesn’t take as much out of you. But, really, get a new job.

I know, I know, that wasn’t the advice you wanted. People often feel trapped in their job. Getting a new one is scary. Interviewing stinks. Using all your vacation time to interview rather than lounging around on the beach in Tahiti is a pain. But, if you truly hate your job, get a new one.

There are other companies that will offer benefits and pay you a salary. Truly, there are. And if you simply can’t find one, then I suggest that you are not underpaid in your current job.

Good luck with your job search!


Evil HR Lady

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2 thoughts on “Get a Life (or a New Job)

  1. I know the advice wasn’t for me but I am going to take it to heart.

    I am currently the Accounts Payable Manager at a large luxury resort company. I love my job, I can work from home a lot of the time, I am in charge which is nice, but…. I am a law student! I need to get a legal job….but I don’t want to make only a quarter of the money I make now. Sigh…. whats a law student to do?

    BTW I love the blog, I was an accouting/HR major in undergrad and have always enjoyed the industry, but I am a money-whore so accounting it is 🙂

  2. Thanks for the compliment!

    I suppose you need legal job because you need a clerkship if you want to get a lawyer job after you graduate. Does your company have a law department? Could you maintain your current responsibilities and work 10 hours a week in that department?

    Going from being the boss to being an intern will be tough–financially and emotionally. But, just think, how much fun it will be to sue your enemies when you finish school! (I’m just kidding. And please don’t sue Evil HR Lady!)

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