After reading the delightful cover letter by our bitter job seeker, I thought I’d see if I could find additional bad cover letters. And I did.

Killian Advertising posted samples of “Cover Letters from Hell” that they’ve received. Some samples (the comments are theirs):

“The colors red, blue, and lavender are those that I identify with the most. I feel they accurately describe my personality. I choose red because I turn red when I get embarrassed ….” [That “red” thing must come up daily. We pulled the plug on this because you get the drift; the subsequent “blue” and “lavender” explanations didn’t substantially improve her employment chances.]

“Another reason [you should hire me is] your web site is very unfriendly and may sway some clients into not working with you. People use websites of companies such as yours for research and your website thinks that it is witty, but comes off very dull and cheezy.” [Editor’s note: This is the first entry in a new category we call “Insult Your Way to the Top!”]

Hat tip to the National Association of Manufacturers” blog (it sounds boring, but it’s not, I swear).

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4 thoughts on “More Cover Letters

  1. Major respect to you if you can read the NAM (and I’m in sympathy with them) without nodding off muttering bo-ring…

    Love yours BTW

  2. Really? You don’t like their blog? I do. But then again, I chose to be in HR, so I admit I’m a little on the strange side.

  3. Holy spell-checker, Batman! What are they teaching in “collage” these days? How to feel good about yourself when you can’t write a coherent sentence?

  4. I wonder if advertising companies get a greater share of loonies just due to the business? It would seem like government positions would attract the least crazy people (USPS not included) due to the widely held “government conspiracy” kookiness. The Postal Service does an aggressive hiring campaign, moreso than any other government position – except maybe the Armed Forces. They’re bound to get some difficult ones in their wide nets. And, then, wait, what were we talking about?

    tabitharuth: Just remember, Ignorance is Bliss. 😉

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