Help, I’m Surrounded by Jerks

Not really. The only person in the same room as me is my husband and he’s not a jerk. We don’t even have the television on. (Although if we did, we’d be watching our DVD of House–and House is definitely a jerk.)

Anyway, it’s another New York Times article. It’s a common problem. Someone in your office, your family, your neighborhood or you grocery store is a jerk. And you have to deal with them.

This quote kills me, though:

For Ann Rothman, a Manhattan real estate agent, her difficult person is a know-it-all friend who simply cannot be pleased.

“She’s a superior human being, and she comes from a superior area — Berkeley, Calif.,” Ms. Rothman said. “She has told me many times that there are only two places to get good food. One of them is Berkeley, and one of them is France. And France is only second to Berkeley.”

Umm, Ms. Rothman, I realize it’s cool to be interviewed by the New York Times and all, but now you are the jerk. Everyone who knows you will know which friend you are talking about and you’ve just embarrassed her in front of the world.

A small hint for those of you who are wondering whether or not to say something. When we advise people to stop and think if they really want to read that on the front of the New York Times, we realize most things never will. However, if the perosn you are talking to is a New York Times reporter–well, if you can’t say anthing nice, don’t say anything at all.

Read their suggested books and take them to heart. That way you’ll stop bothering your poor employee relations person with your complaints.

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2 thoughts on “Help, I’m Surrounded by Jerks

  1. Tell me if this is weird:

    I have a friend who doesn’t foster any sort of bad feelings towards anyone. If you asked him who the biggest jerk is in his company, he couldn’t name even one. He has more of a “feeling of the present” rather than anything that lingers. So, he can get frustrated with a co-worker, but he doesn’t think the guy’s an idiot. Frequently, he says he thinks about how he could have communicated better.

    For myself, if you asked everyone in my company who the biggest jerk is (and they could guarantee that they’d stay anonymous) I think at least 90% of the responses would point to the same guy. (Mine sure would.)

    This may explain why he’s on such good terms with all of the women he’s gone out with. And with me and my wife, who have been consistently beating him at boardgames! (Since we stopped playing Settlers, anyway.)

    I feel like my friend’s attitude is very Christ-like, and yet I find it almost impossible to imagine. Does not compute.

    P.S. Note to self: always save your text, or choose your identity before typing. *FHL fosters negative thoughts towards the Google/Blogger thing*

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