How Did Your Mother Get to Be the Head of a Korean Bank?

Why aren’t you married yet? Are you dating anyone? Umm, hi Mom! Okay, not hi, my mom because I’m happily married, but unless you got married at 19, your Mom has said that or is saying that to you. So, it looks like your mom just got a new job–managing benefits at a South Korean bank.

A top South Korean bank is sending a group of its single female employees on a blind date trip to North Korea, hoping that romance will make them happy at the office, an official said on Tuesday.

Hmmm, when I think “Hot single guys” I always think, “North Korea!” Don’t you?

The bank pays dating service fees as part of their benefits package. I think I’ll bring that up next time I’m talking to our benefits counsel. “Hey, I have this great idea…”

And just how is this dating trip supposed to make the bank’s unhappy females any happier? If they do hit it off with a North Korean hottie, how is that going to work out? “Sure, I’ll give up freedom here in South Korea and move on up to be with my northern dream boat!” Somehow I don’t think the North Korean government will be too hip on exporting their single guys to South Korean bankers.

The whole singles/dating scene reminded me of Deb Owen’s defense of being single. (She says she got it from Karen, but I couldn’t find it on her site. I do want to give credit where it is due.)

My favorite:

2. Married people are not necessarily better catches simply because they were caught. I mean, have you taken a look at some of the married people out there? Seriously. Even Frankenstein got married. Obviously married people are not superior people.

Hmmm, is there a correlation between Frankenstein and North Korea?

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4 thoughts on “How Did Your Mother Get to Be the Head of a Korean Bank?

  1. The question is why you would send South Korean women to North Korea for men? Isn’t that a recipe for disaster? And they want them to be HAPPY? That’s be like sending singles from Florida to Cuba.

    Hmm, sounds like a business idea prompted by
    Satan’s Training Brochure

  2. hi evil hr lady!

    thanks for giving credit where it’s due. i’d love to be able to take credit for something so clever, but it’s karen’s. she never did post that on her blog, but did include it in an email newsletter she sent out on valentine’s day. karen has a different voice when it comes to self-help that i love. definitely worth checking out as well.

    all the best!

  3. Is there a correlation between Frankenstein and North Korea?

    Um, the brides have an elegant silver streak in their hair?

  4. I’m just trying to do an e-mail follow but it’s making me leave a comment… dang this site is as bad as Nick Croc’s. Come on guys it’s not the 90’s anymore!

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