I Think, Therefore I Am

Dean Dad over at Confessions of a Community College Dean named me as one of the bloggers that makes him think. I’m so pleased. Thinking is good–after all, think how much better your company would be if the people in charge actually did some of that from time to time? Truth be told, he makes me think. My original career goal was academia, so the inner workings of higher ed is fascinating to me as well.

I read more blogs than I should, so limiting it to 5 is difficult and I just can’t do it. Instead I’m going to do 6. I’m such a rebel.

RedKudu. She’s a high school English teacher who I pray gets to teach my children some day. Since she’s in Texas and I’m on the East Coast, it’s doubtful this will happen, but I still have my dreams. In addition to describing some of her lesson plans, she talks about teaching, her hilarious students, educational controversies and her adventures in customer service. A day isn’t complete without a hop over to Red Kudu.

Daryl Cobranchi. As with RedKudu, Daryl is an edublogger, but with a different slant. He’s a homeschooler and writes about homeschooling, politics and astronomy. To borrow a phrase from Dean Dad his politics are not mine, but he’s so eloquent about them, I love to read. I never thought much about home schooling before I came upon him, but now I understand a lot more about it.

Dr. Flea. Dr. Flea is the pediatrician I want for my child. Too bad he’s anonymous and lives in a different city, or I would track him down. He comments on medical issues, shedding light on things such as the Gardasil controversy and parents who demand “treatments” for common colds. Love him!

Dr. Helen. Where does one even begin? She’s a forensic psychologist who comments on everything under the sun, with a psychological slant. I’ve learned so much from her about how humans think and interact. Her post from yesterday on how men and women express depression differently turned a little lightbulb on in my head. As an HR professional, that was one valuable piece of information. HR is very female centric and I had never thought about this difference in gender.

Nick Corcodilos at Ask the Headhunter. It’s not really a blog, but he sends out a must read weekly newsletter for any person who is now or ever will be looking for a job. I’ve mentioned in the past that I hate recruiters, so when I found him I was anxious to find out what makes recruiters tick. Well, he’s not a recruiter, he’s a headhunter and a brilliant one at that. I’m not in the market for a new job, but I know I will be some day, so I read him faithfully. Sign up for his newsletter while you’re at it.

Jay Shepherd at Gruntled Employees. First, what a great name for a blog. He’s a labor and employment lawyer who gives us lawyerly insight on HR law and how to keep our employees from becoming “disgruntled.” Fascinating stuff.

Whew! Even with going over my limit of 5, I still feel like I have about 20 more to share. I really, really, need to update my blogroll.

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  1. Hey, thanks much for the Ask the Headhunter link: I believe I will be subscribing to that one!

  2. Thanks for this list. They all sound intriguing and I’ll be checking them out. This way, I’ll have an excuse for my dirty floor, too.

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