Carnival of HR–Really

I’m a day late, but part of the fun of a carnival is the anticipation, right? Right.

We didn’t have a planned theme, but it turns out one developed all on its own: Managers need help.
First up is Lisa asking us “Why is your staff morale so low?” Here are some of her questions:

Do you expect your support people to “read your mind” in regards to work expectations?
Do you play favorites?
Do you see or measure each action or non-action as a sign of disrespect or disloyalty?

And just what are those managers getting paid? Wally discusses CEO pay, and it’s audiences. It’s not just the CEO’s spouse that cares about the paycheck:

The amount of CEO compensation was not an issue when I was starting out in business. You knew that the CEO would make good money, but that was part of the game. And, besides, the CEO didn’t make all that much more than anybody else. That’s changed.

But if you wanted to fire a bad manager or an overpaid CEO–or hire a new one, we’d turn to Deb who discusses “hiring & firing speeds.”

then again, hiring slow and not letting managers get away with firing ‘that day’ without doing their homework first, can suddenly turn into an “HR is not supportive or responsive” riot. this means we have to communicate a lot with our managers, and often need to take the time to train/coach managers through the process.

And just how many managers does it take to overthrow the Persians? Definitely some firing–or rather swording (ha!) going on with our resident Cranky Middle Manager, Wayne. He writes:

But she sounded completely inspired when she started on the new blockbuster movie “300”, about how 300 Spartans held out against impossible odds – citing it as proof of what a few dedicated people could do when they really tried.

This, I suppose, was to let us know that they didn’t really need their “bloated” staff and if properly motivated, their teams would perform just like those Spartans.

What she actually managed to do was to get me to clean out my sinus cavities with coffee as I choked and spat it out my nose.

Anna at The Engaging Brand tells us about a manager that had a Homer Simpson experience and his new employee played Bart.

Today a friend of mine started at a new company, he was delighted the interview process had ignited his passion. He turned up and guess what…..his new manager had forgotten he was starting today. He was asked to wait in reception, and to occupy himself for the next 2 hours 10 minutes (!) he watched and suddenly felt like Bart Simpson

And to round us out, Evil HR Lady answers a question about a manager that just won’t let his old employee go–much to the detriment of the new employee.

You shouldn’t date mama’s boys, and, in this case, you shouldn’t work for them.

So, now we know–managers need help. If they would just read our blogs, businesses would have no problems.

Wonderful submissions! Fabulous posts. Next Carnival in two weeks–April 4. Any HR or Business related posts are welcome. Submit to evilhrlady at

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