This Will Not Help Your Career

Daniel Radcliff, better known as the boy who plays Harry Potter, is proving to the world that he is a “serious actor.”

How? By taking off his clothes while blinding horses. (Just a word of caution, the article is from the New York Times, but you don’t want to read it aloud at the dinner table.)

Ahh, yes, I now take him much more seriously. Don’t you?

I really don’t understand why taking off your clothes is supposed to be this big career helping move in the acting world. Why? Is it difficult? I don’t think so. I take off my clothes every day–sometimes twice. And if I’m shopping for new clothes, I even take on and off several outfits in a matter of minutes. I should be on Broadway!

Will it help Daniel Radcliff’s career? I have no idea. It won’t help yours, though. That whole line about “no such thing as bad publicity” is not true. Really. Make a fool of yourself in public and your current or future employer is bound to find out about it. They will not be pleased. Especially if the article says: “Jane Doe, who works as a Sr. Financial Analyst for Big Company, is currently staring in the Naked Wizard of Oz. ‘You have to worry about sitting on the straw that falls out of the Scarcrow’s costume’ Jane said, laughingly.”

Uggh. Don’t do it.

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5 thoughts on “This Will Not Help Your Career

  1. Yes, but you don’t take off your clothes in front of hundres of people, and manage to remain in character, do you? I would imagine that IS pretty hard. (I couldn’t do it – I have a hard enough time changing in the locker room.)

    Career-wise: consider this bit of advice: “Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever.” (Napoleon Bonaparte)

    Personally, I would wonder what JK Rowling thinks of the man/boy representing her work going all animal husbandry.

  2. Great article, Bonnard. Exactly my point.

    And FHL, you are right–I don’t take my clothes off in front of large groups of people, although the other day I walked out of my bathroom to find out that my usually closed bedroom blinds were open. I doubt my neighbors take me more seriously now, though.

  3. Getting over being naked on stage can be part of an actor’s evolution – when the part requires it. There’s literally nowhere to hide. If the part doesn’t require it it’s just tittilation.

    It certainly won’t hurt Daniel Radcliffe’s career, given the play and the company. Appearing naked in The Blue Room helped Nicole Kidman, eventually, to an Oscar.

    Gratuitous nudity – not so much.

    Stupidity online – even less!

  4. Just my humble opinion:
    “Equus” is considered a classic play, based on a true story of a young man with a profound mental illness who blinded a number of horses. It isn’t a new work, it’s actually been around awhile, and is a powerful and moving piece about mental illness. It’s not about nudity, and it’s not about animal abuse, so to make it ABOUT nudity, or ABOUT animal abuse is to miss the point of the play.

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