Carnival of Human Resources Reminder!

Carmen at Race in the Workplace” is hosting the next Carnival of HR, which will be next Wednesday Because Carmen is not a procrastinator like I am, she would like submissions sooner rather than later–preferrably by Monday night.

Send your submissions to team at raceintheworkplace dot com. Make sure you put Carnival in the subject line.

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3 thoughts on “Carnival of Human Resources Reminder!

  1. Why is HR full of women? Women aren’t as capable of performing in a business setting as men. I am going to attribute it to shorter skirts, cleavage, and nepotism 🙂

    -Fortune 100 HR Director

  2. Gee, Anonymous, your HR setting must be much different than mine. We’re professional and efficient. We leave the cleavage and short skirts to the sales force.

  3. Aww don’t feel bad I’m sure when you were younger you had a nice body.

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