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I’m thinking of applying for a job- It is a competitor for my current employer

How do I make sure the prospect employer keeps my info confidential. All the Docs in that community talk

They are still going to talk–you just have to make sure you don’t give them anything to talk about.

This means you don’t go to a job interview and when asked why you are looking for a new job say, “Doctor X is such a jerk. Plus, did you know his office manager is having an affair with one of the nurses! It’s just like working in a soap opera over there, so I’m looking for something a little less dramatic.”

That response will get you talked about. Guarenteed.

The response that won’t get you talked about? “I’ve been working for Doctor X for 3 years and I really enjoy working there. However, when I saw this job opportunity open up I was delighted because I’ve always wanted to learn more about orthopaedics. I would be sad to leave, but excited to learn new things.” Now you have said nothing interesting so you won’t be talked about.

Hopefully. You can’t guarentee no discussion, but also keep in mind that you switching jobs is not as interesting to anybody else as it is to you. You may mention that you would appreciate it if the fact that you were interviewing was kept confidential. However, some interviewers might find the implication that you think they’ll gossip insulting.

Who are you going to direct people to for references? Something to think about.

Good luck on your job search.

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  1. The Evil One has, as always, given sage advice. Let me add this.

    If you’re in a really tight-knit community, the odds are pretty good that there are lots of people who know that you’re looking for a new job.

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