This was sent out by one of our sales reps to his entire sales team, to his boss, his boss’ boss, and a member of my staff.

How’s that for totally inappropriate for the work place. My favorite lines:

“The beach itself is really nice, and the night-life is….um….very, very colorful (insert winky face)”

“Any weekend you make the extremely wise decision to join us, I will personally guarantee your happiness :)”

So the question for Evil HR Lady: how in the sam-h*ll do you react to something like this?


Well, yes, first you chuckle. Then you delete the e-mail because 14 other people have already forwarded it to employee relations and his boss has already called him into his office and chewed him out.

At least I hope that is what happened. Some people have no sense. Like, for instance, I got an e-mail from an employee I laid off in January. It’s not unusual to get e-mails from such people (I encourage them to contact me if they need help with anything). What was unsual was this was an invitation to join a dating site.

People, think before you send! And never send anything that is not 100% business related to your boss. And if you want to send this horrible e-mail to your friends at work, you should be good enough friends to send it to their home e-mail.


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3 thoughts on “Inappropriate?

  1. silly beach house person was obviously clueless.
    BUT — dating site person may have been unaware!
    When I first started working at “The Law Firm,” I started getting these e-mails from one of the junior partners inviting me to join a movie rental site. I thought it was wierd, but didn’t know what to do, so I deleted them.
    Eventually, it turned out that when junior partner had signed up for something, he hadn’t realized that the website would take a peek at his address book and send periodic e-mails to everyone in there.

  2. anonymous–I wouldn’t be shocked at all to find out that you are right about the dating site guy.

    Still, that doesn’t make as good of a post!

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