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  1. Evil HR Lady,
    how important is performance in management training classes?

    Thanks, EHRL.

  2. pawnking–very. Do you have more specifics? Send an e-mail to evilhrlady at hotmail dot com and I’ll put you in my queue.

  3. Ian, brownies are very, very evil. Besides living forever on your hips, the crumbs get mashed into the carpet.

    Oh, and there are never enough of them!

  4. Brownies are evilest when there is one less than the number of people who want a brownie.

  5. EHRL, I, too, value my privacy, so rather than email, I’ll say this:

    My company has a program for training leaders, which seems to be sort of MBA-lite. I have some experience in this so I’m a little ahead of the curve. I’ve been taking this as an opprotunity to show what I can do besides be a financial analyst.

    So far, I’ve lead a team in preparing a business plan, an acqusition plan, and a presentation. I’ve put a lot of effort in this because I’ve assumed someone is paying attention.

    I wanted assurance that in a typical company, management does in fact notice when someone takes advantage of such things, rather than treating the whole excercise as a distraction from your normal responsibilities. You’re saying it is? Can you work up a post on this?

    Thanks, EHRL. By the way, some of my friends in the company are evil HR employees, so you’re ok by me.

  6. We have an artisan bakery in town (new) that makes the best almond croissants that for me, come in a close second to chocolate. Chocolate still rules!

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