I’ve been tagged. Repeatedly. First by Stephanie Black, then by Simon Meth, the Career Encourager and by Deb.

Stephanie’s tag was different than the others, so I will combine. She wanted to know, among other things, what I was doing 10 years ago. Well, this was the summer between undergrad and graduate school. I was working for a pickup truck accessories company, processing orders. I sure learned a heck of a lot about truck bumpers.

Everyone else wants to know 8 random things about me. (Well, not really. What they really want to know is can they have one of the brownies in my picture. The answer is no. They have been eaten.)

1. I already played this game here. Do you people read my blog? :>) (see the smiley face–I love you all!)

2. I am currently wearing an old lady flowered bathrobe procured from Walmart for $5. It’s horrendous and I purchased it with the intent to destroy it shortly after it’s primary purpose ended, but the Offspring loves it, so I wear it.

3. I cannot hoola-hoop worth beans.

4. Someone contacted me about writing an article for her medical newsletter and I said yes and then I lost the e-mail. If that was you, e-mail me again! evilhrlady at hotmail dot com.

5. If I had grad school to do over again, I’d do an OD degree. I’m glad I did the degree I did because that was how I met my husband, but I wish I knew more about Organizational Development.

6. I got my official PHR scores and I got 91%, thank you very much.

7. I have two degrees in political science and I can no longer stand politics. Right now I can’t stand to hear about any of the presidential candidates, let alone support one. Don’t they have other jobs? I mean, especially the ones who are currently holding elected office. Shouldn’t you be working? If someone from my company were running for president, I’d be having a sit down meeting with him about his excessive absenteeism and offering him the chance to resign.

8. I have about 100 first cousins. My husband has 2. I have more siblings than he has cousins.

I’m not going to tag anyone else because I am just that evil. Happy Tuesday!

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3 thoughts on “Tag, Tag, Tag

  1. I had the same feelings about this when I completed my degree in training…so I go to the local library and check out books…and apply the information when I can…just a less expensive option…

  2. Thanks for participating! Love the bit about the bathrobe – I purchased one with sheep on it (not sure why – I think it was on sale) and ended up having to wear it for about 5 years because my son LOVED it!! 🙂 Congrats on the PHR certification!

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