After you’ve finished writing up your self appraisal, update your resume. Even if you aren’t even thinking about looking for a new job, update your resume.

There will never be an easier time than after you’ve just listed all your accomplishments.

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4 thoughts on “One More Thought

  1. This post and the Self appraisal one gives such relevant advice!

    No wonder your blog keeps being referred by others, the content is excellent. Congratulations – I wish you could include the blog in your own self appraisal at work, it being such a great accomplishment:-).

  2. I always ask clients to consider who they really work for. The answer is of course themselves. Once they realise this the implications for how they manage their lives is significant especially when they begin to consider personal development.

    Self appraisal is clearly important but you must take care not to miss things about yourself that only others see – ask for feedback – it is THE black art.

  3. I give this same advice often… even if you are not thinking about job hunting today, imagine how much easier it will be to dust off the old cv if it is only as old as your last performance appraisal!

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