Hi, love your site.
I am working for a consulting company, we consult with all kinds of businesses, the two primary are a bowling center and a hotel (currently under construction), but I am getting business cards printed, and now need a title.

So I am SPHR, certified, and worked for a quasi government “one stop” job and career center. I will be working mostly in the areas of handbooks and policies, and HR audits. I am also the “girl Friday” for my current employer, so I do a lot of crazy things; the marketing for the bowling center, running errands, along with the HR duties.

So I am asking for some help. The owner said I can make it up, VP of HR was one of his suggestions, he was joking. He is the “Operating Partner” and the General Manager/Owner, and Managing Member, for the companies he owns and consults for.
HELP! Thank you so very much. Right now I am thinking HR Consultant.

I’m still pondering being a bowling alley consultant. For some reason this cracks me up. (At the university I attended, we were required to take two P.E. classes–one “Fitness for Life” class and one elective. My elective? Bowling. I figured, P.E. credit and the only sweat was from the rented shoes!)

I think HR Consultant is fine. HR Manager comes to mind, but that seems more like you are managing your company’s HR rather than consulting for others. (I believe you are consulting for others–correct me if I’m wrong.) You could also make yourself Lead HR Consultant or Senior HR Consultant.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

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6 thoughts on “One Title, Coming Up!

  1. How about HR Wench? Oh wait! That title is taken. 🙂

    I think HR Consultant works. Perhaps if you take what the job is now and what you and the boss think it will be 6-12 months from now and glue the ends together. Of course titles can always be changed…just don’t invest too much in biz cards if you think things will change a lot in the near future.

  2. I think what determines the title is whether or not the HR buck stops with you. If you have to go to someone else to get approval on certain decisions, you are pretty much a consultant or HR rep. If you manage a department or direct operations of an HR department then I would go with manager or director. VP… eh… I don’t know how many VPs complete I-9s and organize bowling tournaments…

  3. I’m only writing in to share that bowling was how I completed my high school physical education requirements. No locker room showering required! No Athlete’s Foot for me!

  4. Michael–I was going to suggest HRH (you know Her Royal Highness), but I like your Excellency better.

    ms bart–exactly! I got an A in bowling as well. Our grade was based on written tests (if you hit 7 pins, how many points do you get?) and on improvement. Since in my baseline game, I scored a brilliant 47, there was no where to go but up!

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