We’re having a bit of a “discussion” behind the scenes regarding the Carnival of HR. The question is, should a host be able to require submissions on a certain theme, or should they just deal with whatever gets submitted.

My opinion is that I have no opposition to an occasional theme, but I wouldn’t want it to be a requirement for every carnival. Some dates just scream theme. (Well, at least, to me, they do.)

So, vote in this poll. We’ll go with whatever the consensus is.

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14 thoughts on “Carnival Poll

  1. I think a theme is fine as long as people have enough time to factor that in, I think it should be up to the host.

  2. Personally, I just can’t resist these new polls from polldaddy.com. Perhaps I should start using them with my business partners.

    Rutgers Fan

  3. I wanted to vote Yes, I don’t care and I want a onesie.
    I settled just for yes in the end, but want my onesie anyways.

  4. Get that Cafe Press store up & running and you can make a fortune selling onesies, bibs, and all things evil & HR.

  5. I vote for no theme requirement – too much to think about. In the few times I hosted the carnival, I was able to find a common thread or two from the posts I received and used that. That was the fun part for me. Yes, I probably should get out more. Super cute onsie!

  6. I once belonged to a Toastmasters Club that always, always, always had theme-oriented meetings. It got to be a real burden when the meeting wasn’t close to any holiday and there are only so many themes you can come up with and even the holidays got to be boring.

    If a carnival host has a theme he wants to use, that should be his decision, but if submissions don’t fit the theme, he needs to be very imaginative in his introductions and figure out a way to make them fit.

  7. Hi Evil Lady,

    You hit the right question. I was thinking about the last carnival hosted by Jon, and thought of contributing. But could’nt set a focus on what to discuss specifically.

    Getting a focus around a theme will help us to effectively benefit from the carnival and that it serves some purpose. I would request you to update the Carnival List along with the themes so that the Carnivals sticks to some specific dimension.

  8. I voted for no themes. It’ll keep some usual participants from participating if the theme is outside what they blog about, it’s overly regulated, and it’ll kill the fun of seeing what theme hosts manage to find in the posts that get submitted to them.

  9. Well I just looked at the poll results and see that it looks like typical HR consensus (i.e., no consensus).

    One thing is clear: we want an EHRL store where we can buy products!

  10. Gee…sounds like more fun than diversity training, but what is the HR Carnival? I found the hosts, but no explanation of what it is, rules etc. Link please? Thanks!

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