I know. It’s a day late. (Unless I get distracted and then it will be two days late.) I should be fired. In fact, this isn’t the only reason I should be fired. Let that be our carnival theme: Reasons to fire Evil HR Lady.

1. HR Wench writes about the Americans With Disabilities act and Age Discrimination in answering a question about a school teacher. I’m neither disabled nor over 40, so I’m not a likely candidate for a law suit. Therefore, I’m easy to fire.

2. Chris Young thinks HR really doesn’t want to reduce turnover–it’s too scary. David Wentworth at even tells you how to downsize. So, getting rid of me is no problem at all.

3. John Ingham has his Mojo. Then Amit Avasthi talks about a new term Glocalisation. Your talent is where it’s at. You need to be able to see it to bring it out. Sounds like it would work with Mojo. These are two words not normally in my vocabulary, so I should definitely be terminated.

4. Susan Heathfield talks about knowing your audience. You see, it’s not all about you–it’s about your audience. Well, I want it to be all about me.

5. Micheal Moore presents the E-Verify nightmare. And, Recruitment 2.0 talks about Northern Ireland’s reporting requirements (Catholic or Protestant?). Never mind firing me. Just shoot me now.

6. Gautam Ghosh gives us 5 Skills for Success. Being positive is one of them. Well, Ask a Manager positively does not like Employee of the Month Programs. I’ll join her in that negativity, which, I guess, means Guatam can fire both of us. Except that Ask A Manager is correct about employee of the month programs being a poor substitute for real retention strategies, so maybe fire me and promote her. But, speaking of negativity, HR Minion gives us signs that an employee has gone negative.

7. Wally Bock wants to be Left Alone in order to have time to reflect and make good decisions. He says this is important for leadership. Dan McCarthy also addresses good ideas for leaders through a Leadership Exchange program. Now, if only I could get fired so I could go work for Wally or Dan.

8. Alvaro Fernandez presents a new book, Sway, and discusses why smart brains makes stupid decisions. People with smart brains often end up in middle management, which then turns them, well read Wayne Turmel’s The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Cubicle and find out. Let’s just say that I have a smart brain which made a stupid decision to over-schedule her Wednesday, resulting in a late carnival. Definitely a fireable offense.

9. Lisa tells us how to Crush Positive Employee Relations. I should be fired because I took it as a delightful “how to” guide, instead of the “how not to guide” it really is.

10. Michael D. Haberman got his seat at the table stolen. (Okay, not his, but still.) He reminds us to get out of HR to learn the business. I should be fired so that I’m forced to escape.

11. Totally Consumed tells us to be honest when providing job references. The Career Encourager reminds us that, in a job search competition isn’t a bad thing. But, Denise O’Berry reminds us that after we’re hired, we need to make sure we can trust our team even when we don’t see them daily. It’s all so kind and friendly, that there isn’t really a reason to fire me in these posts. So, I guess I’ll continue blogging.

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