10 thoughts on “Completely Random Overheard

  1. Joe Biden hot? Huh. That wouldn’t be a word that I would necessarily use to describe him … but hey, at 18, you know EVERYTHING! 🙂

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  3. Joe Biden is hot!?

    I asked one of my daughters. She had to hang up she was laughing so hard.

  4. Hi there,

    I tried contacting you a while ago but never received a response, can you please email me so we can discuss my proposal?


  5. At least the employee named an actual candidate, and didn’t name Paris Hilton or someone like that. As is befitting of a jaded HR person, my expectations are low.

  6. Was this employee Paris Hilton herself? I’ll have to be sure to use the “he’s hot” logic next time I get into a debate with someone. You know, because it’s so indisputable.

  7. This 18 yo is savvier than many of you think. The “Biden is hot” remark sounds like a snarky response to the VPILF crap.

  8. I’m old, so I don’t know what VPILF means. And before anyone answers, this is a g rated blog.

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