13 thoughts on “Would You Laugh or Write Up?

  1. That was just beautiful

    Anyone who can tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the journey? Is my hero/heroine.

  2. I would definitely write him up, although it would be like some of those times with my kids when I have to leave the room for a minute to laugh before I can come back and be a serious disciplinarian. But really, from a professional, this letter should never have been written!

  3. Was this to a client or the other parties’ law firm? If to a client, I can understand why the tinge of sarcasm might not be welcome. If to the other parties’ law firm – woo hoo! Good for him. Under any circumstance, sounds like this guy really needed that and if someone takes offense, then what type of jacka$$ is that person? Poor guy – I can see giving him a slap on the wrist verbally, but I think he’s been through enough?

  4. From one attorney to another, this letter is priceless. It’s about time there was some humanity expressed in the face of a rigid world.

  5. Eh, I’d give my opinion he should get a verbal chat. Followed by a nice laugh as we discuss what everyone must have thought upon receipt of this. Poor guy.

  6. As both a victim of Ike (20,000 lb tree laying on my house, etc. etc. etc.) living in Houston and a transplant from Dallas (deeply understanding of Dallasite jerky ways), I cannot believe Jeff kept it that clean and civil. This is undoubtedly a man of true restraint! I think I would have driven up there to put a bullet in Markland, personally.

  7. I’d be tempted to write to the other lawyer “I’m sorry we haven’t found grounds to discipline [the writer] since, as you know, purely stating facts is not grounds for libel or other offenses deserving of penalties.”

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