Today my blog is 3! I would make a cake to celebrate but it’s supposed to be in the low 30s (see, I’ve already adjusted to centigrade!) and we have no air conditioning. Therefore, I have no desire to turn on my oven.

In honor of the big celebration, I did get a present of a brand new computer. Hopefully this will mean that I can do a better job of deleting the Chinese spam posts, unless of course, you all like those because they are helpful in managing your life.

Here are a few of the past year’s posts that are either my favorites or generated a lot of comments:

Making it harder to get hired
The power of [passive aggressive] suggestion
How sending my child to school taught me about why people hate HR
Leading people, leading organizations
A friendly warning from the grim reaper
Confidential e-mail
Race Questions
Telecommuting bosses
How to get hired
A Laundry Question
Past Transgressions
Vacation micro-management
Changing diapers

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13 thoughts on “Happy Blog Birthday!

  1. Congrats! Happy Blog Birthday! 🙂

    Been following your blog for a long time now; here and over at US News too. Love what you write. Keep 'em coming.

    Stayin' tuned for more posts!

  2. Happy birthday. Delete the Chinese spam entries, I found they are not helpful to life. I have a family blog, and I think the amount of blogging you do is great. It takes a lot of time to do it.

  3. Congratulations! I remember and love every one of those posts.

    I remember when I first found your blog 2+ years ago. Within a few days, I read every single past post, and I've read every one since then. You are the best.

  4. Happy Blog Birthday! May it have many more!

    Does the new computer mean you'll be blogging more even if it is just to taunt us about the chocolate? 😉

  5. Happy Birthday! Really enjoy your take on life in the business lane.

    When I clicked on the link at Ask a Manager and discovered you it was a red-letter day.

    May you blog long and fearlessly!

    Lois Gory

  6. congrats!! and please keep on with your post, it's really beneficial and entertaining!

  7. A belated Happy Birthday. Many may not recognize what keeping a blog going for 3 years means, but I do!
    Congratulations and keep up the good work.

  8. Congratulations!

    Your blog is always thought-provoking and fun.

    May you blog long and prosper!

    Best wishes,


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