6 thoughts on “How do I Balance a Job Offer with Potential Offers?

  1. I am new to this blog, but I have a issue. I am a certified HR Manager and I have just left the most Horrible HR job [boss] that anyone could ever have. Having worked for over 25 years as a HR professional, I took a job at a company to work for a former co worker who became a HR Director. At first, she was wonderful to work for – I believe that it was because she was using me for my experience and education in the field. After about 8 months the opposite became true. She and her underling, and I believe that her underling made up stories about me to start the torture, began a relentless torture routine on me. Nothing, and I mean nothing was good enough. Every aspect of my life – not just my work life – was judged. I was singled out, made fun of in staff meetings, and challenged on every procedure. Micro management was an understatement. She violated every ethical and legal aspect of HR and if I brought up – diplomatically- any question in private to her, I was made to pay dearly for it. To say the least, my life was a living hell as was the others in the department. After 3 years I just walked out. Now unemployed in this economy, I cannot determine what to say in interviews as to why I left. I want to tell the truth; however, it is just not appropriate. HELP!!!

  2. continued from abovee – Now I am receiving phone calls from others in the department who have stated that when I left, they thought things might change – they admitted that they suspected that I may have been causing the friction, but have confessed that after 8 months, things are just as "evil" among the Director and her underling. This is an abusive work situation, and the only things they say keep them under the radar is full and complete submission. Aside from recording their illegal directives and unethical behavior, and copying their illegal e-mail and directives and filing charges with the EEOC, I have nothing. It seems that If I would have filed charges, I would have ended my HR career, so I didn't, but I regret this decision. This is just plain harassment and a hostile working environment. How do I help the folks that are left behind? I actually feel like a relative of a group held captive in a concentration camp. HELP!

  3. You could always get them to organize with one of the main stipulations during the bargaining process being a contractually enforced grievance policy.

    Otherwise unless you don't work in the United States, welcome to the wonderful world of "oh, just find a different job, even though they'll most likely do the same thing".

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