Should I Call the Recruiter?

You submitted an application and no one’s said anything to you yet. Is calling the recruiter a good idea, or should you just wait it out?

Should I Call the Recruiter?

Photo by Nicholas_T, Flickr cc 2.0

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3 thoughts on “Should I Call the Recruiter?

  1. I personally don't like phone calls. It is annoying and also When applicant calls I usually don't have straight answer for them. Because their application in the middle of review… we haven't made any decision on it yet….


  2. Ordinarily, I wouldn't advise an applicant to call the recruiter – but in this case, the applicant had a friend working at the company. I don't think it would be pushy to call and say that "so and so" referred you to this person about this particular position.

    Good luck!

  3. Does this question refer to Recruitment Agencies ? If so, yes badger them !

    Though in fact I will never use a Recruitment Agency again to find work. They post fictious jobs on a daily basis that do not exist. And waste your time.

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