How Do I Compare Two Job Offers?

When you’re looking at two different job offers (or even trying to decide if you should leave your current job for a new one), salary is only one thing. Here are 10 things to help you decide.

How Do I Compare Two Job Offers?

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3 thoughts on “How Do I Compare Two Job Offers?

  1. Good article – for reference Portland costs less than San Francisco but its culturally a bit different and homes in the nice parts and close to the city center are still not CHEAP – a very nice place can be had for around 450 (or last time I was looking there thats waht they went for, anyhow). A smaller but still nice place out in the suburbs a ways can be had for 225-250ish.

    It would be kind of scary to have to move to a place sight unseen. I like both of those cities but I've also BEEN to both of them several times. And they're pretty different. I would imagine that most people would find that one suits them a lot better than the other — but I imagine they can't just pop over from australia to take a little looksee.

  2. Thanks for bringing this up, Suzanne! This is a rather rare situation, but a great one to be in. Imagine being so in control of your future that you not only get to start a new job, but you get to pick your favorite too! Your post covers all of the important points, and I'd like to offer your readers another source that takes the important points and puts them into a handy chart: This method really helps visualize and compare each job to figure out which one will work out best. Enjoy!

  3. I think you touched on most of the key points EHRL. I'd also look into whether each company offered other benefits like life insurance, long term disability, etc. Also, whether both companies qualify for FMLA might be a factor for the OP depending on their life circumstances.

    I'll also add that I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and work in San Francisco. My spouse and I have also been seriously thinking of making a move to Portland. San Francisco is WAY more expensive than Portland – even moving out of the actual city and into a nearby area (Oakland, Berkeley, Daly City, Marin) can be extremely expensive. You can find a very nice place in Portland for 450 – you cannot find a place larger than a studio in a suspect neighborhood in San Francisco. Even if you move out of SF, 450 won't buy you more than a starter home in an okay neighborhood in most nearby cities.

    Portland is also much cleaner and has far less aggressive homeless people. (I've had four coworkers attacked by mentally deranged homeless people in the last couple of months – and I work in a good neighborhood!)

    With all that said, it would be very had to find a job for both my spouse and I in Portland because there just aren't as many jobs available – so if the OP's spouse needs to/wants to work, that would be something to consider.

    Weather is another thing to look at – the weather is similar, but Portland gets far colder and rains more.

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