Is It HR’s Job to Protect Employees…or VPs?

Just why didn’t HR step in a fix a problem manager? The answer lies in priorities and responsibilities. You may be surprised as to where HR’s priorities really lie.

Is It HR’s Job to Protect Employees…or VPs?

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2 thoughts on “Is It HR’s Job to Protect Employees…or VPs?

  1. 9 years in a job that involved "suffering"? I know that I don't value company loyalty as much as other people, but I would have kept complaining. In fact at my last job, I did just that after HR refused to deal with a major problem and tried to make my life miserable. Yes, of course it would be best if HR and the manager did their respective jobs properly, but that is often not the case. And so you have to stick up for yourself, document everything, and keep talking.

  2. Wrong question. HR has a responsibility for both. The critical matter is how to engage everyone concerned in their roles. So where is the biggest bang for HRs buck? Now that's an interesting question – volume or level of influence?

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