Managing the Complainers Before They Sue For Discrimination

If you manage actual humans, you’ll most likely run into a person who believes that whenever something doesn’t go their way it’s because of discrimination. Here’s some help to manage them.

Managing the Complainers Before They Sue For Discrimination

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4 thoughts on “Managing the Complainers Before They Sue For Discrimination

  1. I'd like to add: if you've got a complainer that seems to "misinterpret" what you say, or plays the victim, NEVER talk to that person one-on-one. Make an effort to always have a third party present, especially for performance reviews and reprimands- your documentation of what you said, along with someone else confirming what you said, well, it'll make the lawsuit go much better for you.

  2. Thanks for mentioning that she just might be harassed – by an Eddie Haskell type of person. I had the problem with someone considered to be a star. He always had the solution. Truth was, he took credit for the work of others, witheld key information so he alone could be the hero, and encouraged some of the underperformers to lodge complaints against those of us in leadership because we were trying to correct their underperforming behavior. He looked like a hard working person that always got along with everyone – at least to upper management!

  3. This was a great blog, many managers don't realize the importance of a paper trail. Document,Document,Document!!!

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