Managers: Are You Spying On Your Employees?

Have you ever called in sick when you were perfectly healthy? Of course not. You would never do that. You love going to work and would never lie. It’s those darn employees of yours who are claiming illness while mountain climbing.

Companies, according to Business Week, are hiring private detectives to track down people who are lying about why they aren’t at work. Good, let’s get those weasely employees back on task, right?

Which brings me to a question: What kind of organization are you running that people feel the only way to get a day off is to lie about it?

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2 thoughts on “Managers: Are You Spying On Your Employees?

  1. The example you quote also suggests that some colleagues need to learn to mind their own business.

  2. I completely disagree with spying on employees as it does not make sense, but it will be a good business to get into.

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