My Former Manager Broke His Promise

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I was recently laid off from my job at a major corporation. My manager made many promises to HR and me about helping me find a new job, providing a good recommendation, a list of contacts, etc. But I have never heard from him again, even after many polite attempts to contact him for help. I think this is the cruelest thing anyone has ever done to me.

After being let go, I have received many recommendations from co-workers praising my hard work and positive attitude. Even my ex-manger would readily agree that I worked very hard and always with a positive attitude. But although my ex-manager is the only one I have specifically asked for help, he is the only one who has never responded to my requests.

As I work through the rejection of being laid off and look for a new job, I want to put this issue behind me, but I struggle to think how anyone can be so heartless. Is it worthwhile to report this issue to the HR department of my old company, or should I just try to learn from this experience and move on?’

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