Job Hunting Secret: They Desperately Want to Hire You

It’s true that hiring managers and recruiters have so many applications that they’ll reject you for small problems. So here are some hints on making yourself the right candidate.

Job Hunting Secret: They Desperately Want to Hire You

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6 thoughts on “Job Hunting Secret: They Desperately Want to Hire You

  1. I'd also ban anything banal from the 'personal interests' section. Who doesn't like 'socialising with friends'? Unless it's really different (wingwalking was a recent one, what a great conversation starter that was!) or charitable etc, it's more likely to count against you than for you.

    I get fed up too of phones that seem to be constantly off or go straight to answer phone. You are looking for a job, make my life easy -please-!!

  2. I can add a few:
    cover letters addressed to a different employer
    inappropriate voicemails
    voicemails not set up
    a cover letter that says they would be perfect for any job
    someone applying on your behalf (ie wife, mother)

  3. Forget to dot an i or cross a t and your DONE! This is all BS. Bring Unions back!

  4. My daughter is searching for a job right now, and I advised her to get a new email address for this purpose. The address “” just doesn’t convey the level of professionalism that I think she is trying to portray! Also, if your name is Jane Jones and your email is, please create an email alias if you change your name to Jane Smith. It is hard to put the resume “Jane Jones” with the email “Jane Smith”.

  5. i find it interesting how mean people can be when interviewing others for positions. these same people make so many mistakes at work yet demand perfection from applicants. what i’d like to do is fire the incompetents interviewing and hire the alleged incompetent interviewees.

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