7 thoughts on “Bayer Sexual Discrimination: Stop the Mommy Wars

  1. Thanks for this article! It's high time women stop complaining about the consequences of their career/family choices, or the choices of others. We have a difficult enough time without such baseless drivel.

  2. I'm interested to see that these women appear to equate being unmarried and/or childless with no personal life. It ain't necessarily so.

    However, I agree that being Top Dog anywhere is going to demand sacrifices. Need to fly the Atlantic weekly? That cuts out family time, the drama group, etc etc

  3. Anonymous makes an interesting point. I wonder how many of these women have assumed that "of course" their coworkers wouldn't mind covering for them because, after all, "you don't have children."

    My opinion on the matter is that I'm quite likely to agree to cover for you if asked nicely, and if you're willing to return the favor should I need it. We could all use a bit of flexibility in the workplace now and then, regardless of parental status.

  4. One thing does need to be pointed out here. Society will judge the women much more harshly than men if they decide to use nanny / babysitter options. This isn't a Bayer issue, but it should be acknowledged as part of the equation. Women are, for the most part, expected to be the primary caregiver. I see that changing for the Millenial generation. Many men are now taking on more child rearing duties. I suspect however, than noe many of them work at Bayer…

  5. And how about employers and everyone else stop presuming ALL women dream of being mommies??? I'm perfectly happy being the cool auntie & there are lots of other women who feel the same. Thankfully, I work in a field where I'm not prejudged to eventually go have a brood. We also REALLY hate the parents of the world expecting us to cover for them or work holidays because we "don't have kids." We might like seeing OUR families to.

    A little respect for everyone's right to make their own life choices as well as some acceptance of reality would go a long way. It's really unbecoming to begrudge single & childfree women of career advancement because you had to run off after your kids all the time.

  6. It just boggles my mind when I see people complaining that they aren't getting the job when they aren't doing the work.

    My husband also works in a cutthroat business. There is absolutely no way he could do his job if I wasn't the primary caregiver for the children. Right now he's traveling about 50% of the time. Lately he's been doing a lot of work until 1:00 in the morning because his work is focused on California, which is 9 time zones away from us.

    You can't do that stuff and still pick up the kids from daycare. You either have a nanny or a spouse or you don't have kids. That's just reality.

  7. Once again the Evil HR Lady is the voice of reason. As a successful woman without kids, I tire of the expectation that I don't really need personal time….but the mommies of the world do. I fully support becoming a parent, especially since I love my niece, but that doesn't mean that I should have to live the choices of others.

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