Notice Anything Different?

If you’re reading this on an RSS feed, you won’t notice anything, but if you are actually at the webpage, look up! Finally, after 5 years, I finally bit the bullet and paid money for my very own URL.

The .com is taken and they want way too much money for it, so I say, have fun with that!

I’m also in the process of transferring over to wordpress, with the help of Laura at Smallest Decisions. She’s the same person who did Ask a Manager so I have full confidence.

In the meantime, I am trying to come up with a new logo or picture or something that reflects this blog. Flames, witch hats, a little devil in high heels and a briefcase? This is not where my talent lies.

So, stand by for even more changes!

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14 thoughts on “Notice Anything Different?

  1. Oh, cool! It's like buying a new house, but without the mortgage and the boxes and the appraisal that tells you it's worth less than you're paying.

  2. Hooray! And you will love Laura — she is the best. (If anyone else is looking for web help, contact her! Meticulous, super helpful, and great work.)

  3. Logo – I'm picturing a desk with books and files stacked all over it, and in the middle, a Cruella DeVil-type character leaning and looking evilly at the miscreant who wants advice. Pointy hat optional.

  4. I think your picture should be your logo. Who would ever imagine such an angelic looking person could be evil…….let's just say takes one to know one. Keep up the good work!!! Your site looks great. Georgie

  5. I think people who work in any Human Resources Department are lazy. Furthermore, I believe that a big part of America’s economy fail due to people not being able to find jobs starts at Human Resources. Here is how: Let us say I apply online, which most jobs require now, and my application is received by a computer generated system which is overlooked by people who work in Human Resources. Those computers or people go through the application and resume if submitted and highlight certain key words or phrases and that’s how applications are determined if they are worthy enough for interview material. Now, here’s my problem with this. Those Human Resources people may not know jack squat about someone’s work history. There might be some real relevant experience shown in the resume but is overlooked because the computer or Human Resources individual is not familiar with a certain area of prior work experience. So, that application is going to be kicked aside and a generated email will be sent out to inform you that your application will be kept on file. Now how is possible that someone has 8 years of experience in the exact same career field that they are applying for and receive an email saying that they did not meet the qualifications. Well, this is a problem. There are thousands upon thousands of people with substantial work experience that are being denied everyday due to this FACT. If people are so blind to see this, then there is a much bigger problem in America than what we thought. People, yes may be lazy and not want to work, but for the ones who try the Human Resources Department is hurting the job hunting for Americans. What ever happened to walk-in-applying? What happened to managers actually interviewing everyone for a fair chance to get the job? What Happened To Equality?

  6. Kevin,

    Whatever happened to putting comments in places where the comment actually applies to the topic at hand?

    Geesh, I think people named Kevin are so lazy. Couldn't even take the time to read one of my numerous posts on how recruiters need to get back to people.

  7. Kevin also just posted the same comment on my blog as well, also in a place where it had no relevance. All people named Kevin suck.

  8. I think a sample size of 2 is enough to condemn all Kevins everywhere.

    Except, of course, for any nice people named Kevin. Although come to think of it, I don't know anyone named Kevin.

    This Kevin wants us to click on his link and I won't indulge him. Maybe i'll delete his comment. I can't decide.

  9. Are you kidding? Kevin is ADORABLE!

    I especially love the part where hiring manager interviewed everyone, and totally wanted equality for all candidates, until evil HR chicks came on the scene and forced them to discriminate on the basis of random keywords. How cute is that?

    This little fella is like the Michelle Bachmann of commenters. Who KNOWS what kooky thing he'll say next? I can hardly stand the suspense!

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