2 thoughts on “Should You Rehire Someone?

  1. I've been rehired by two different companies.

    Left company #1 because of (you guessed it) evil manager

    Got laid off from company #2

    Re-applied at company #1 but didn't hear anything – concluded evil manager had burned me on his (forced) way out the door (see, I said he was evil!)

    Did some contracting and a short stint at a third company

    Called by someone I knew at Company #1 who was looking to hire – spent a couple of happy years until that person moved on

    Left Company #1 (again) because of incompetent new manager (not the one who had hired me)

    Re-joined Company #2 working for someone I had known in the past. I've rotated through several managers during my time here so far and not planning to leave any time soon

  2. It depends entirely on the role. Many people are fired/laid off or otherwise excused because they weren't a good match for the role they were hired into. However, they may be a great match for another role in the company later on down the line. Someone brought on in a leadership capacity who fails to succeed may work exceptionally well in a technical SME role, or another highly placed individual contributor position.

    Now, this doesn't hold up if the person was excused for disciplinary reasons. But for failure to thrive, incompetence, etc, they may still be great assets.

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