Why I Got Someone In Trouble for Plagiarizing

I know I go by the name Evil HR Lady, but that’s more tongue-in-check and a reflection on the negative attitude people have towards HR people in general. Plus, who would read a column written by the Warm and Fuzzy HR Lady? Not you, I’m sure.

But, honestly, I’m a nice person and I help people out. I answer far more questions than I publish and genuinely hope that my readers get jobs, keep jobs, get promoted, and get along with their strange coworkers. But, niceness has it’s limits, and that’s why when I found a company blog that consisted largely of poorly plagiarized Evil HR Lady columns, I had to act.

To read more click here: Why I got Someone in Trouble for Plagiarizing

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7 thoughts on “Why I Got Someone In Trouble for Plagiarizing

  1. Thank you for following up on the plagiarism and, especially, for getting the person in trouble. I stopped assigning research-based assignments in one of my writing classes because I was tired of dealing with (rampant) plagiarism.

    I may just use your blog, as well as AAM's post on the same topic, in my classes – with proper credit, of course! 🙂

  2. One wonders whether the boss, who asked her to do the blogging on her own time and took the credit for it, also got in trouble? I suspect not…

  3. Thank you for posting this. I had no idea you could not post an article if you linked back to the source!!! Very informative 🙂

  4. A newspaper columnist in Chicago was recently fired for submitting a piece about an event she did not fully attend and using the internet to fill in the blanks about what she missed.

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