How to handle office party embarrassments

A party feels different than the office, so sometimes people forget that anytime they are with people from work, they are at work. If you’re one of those people who “forgot” that you were at work while you were singing karaoke and guzzling punch, you may have a bit more than a hangover in the morning. You may have a boss or coworkers who is displeased with you.

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5 thoughts on “How to handle office party embarrassments

  1. Good Article. Office parties are the norm of corporate life and you can not avoid the same. The maturity of participants is very crucial factor. The do’s and don’ts are to be establised assertively.

  2. I see no point in going to such things or spending money on them when they are just used as witch hunts (which is what that sort of thing sounds like). I say this as a business owner myself: if you refuse to institute a “What happens here, stays here” rule then you don’t need to have them & certainly should never make them mandatory (implicitly OR explicitly). How about dry parties to start with or a set number of drink tickets if drinking tends to cause all the issues?

  3. Above all, remember that prevention is always better than cure. Don’t drink to excess. If you are given to drinking to excess, don’t go to the office party. Still, Evil HR Lady is to be commended for this article: a lot of people just assume that “nice people don’t do this” and don’t want to deal with it.

    The thing is… stuff sometimes just HAPPENS!

    From the boss’s end, and as Mme Lucas has hinted here on a number of occasions, end-of-the-year Yuletide bonuses, while possibly more expensive, are far more appreciated than office parties. This could be a cash bonus, or it could be airline tickets home to see family, or whatever.

    Heck, even a nice little lunch ON COMPANY TIME is great. But the company probably won’t be springing for the really snazzy Champagne anyway, so there’s no point in getting sloshed around people you tend to take as much time away from as possible by default.

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