Are your personal financial problems ruining your career?

You’re on the verge of the bank foreclosing on your house, your spouse was laid off 6 months ago, and your 13-year-old twins need braces. What you really need is a big promotion. So how come, just when you need it most, it goes to the guy who has no student loans, a wife who just got made partner at her law firm, and kids with perfectly straight teeth?

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3 thoughts on “Are your personal financial problems ruining your career?

  1. That article made some great points about how personal pressures effect your work even without your knowing it — AND gives some good practical advice to curb the effects. The best practical suggestion was how to stop bill-collectors from calling you at your workplace.

  2. this is a good post, I was in a similar situation in 2010. I was living paycheck to paycheck, taking small amounts of cash from my mom, and putting emergencies on credit. The situation could only last so long. I ended up being so aggressive to get more responsibility and to get a promotion that popped up that I turned off alot of people. I was visibly upset when I did not get the promotion, and was soon after laid off for “lack of long term commitment!”

  3. I just lost my job (not due to performance–the position was eliminated in corporate restructuring that is still ongoing). Now I have to deal with the stress of finding another job while watching the little savings I’ve managed to attain, my quality of life, and possibly my long-distance relationship of two years slowly bleed away.

    Gonna be hard to pretend to be upbeat in interviews, assuming I get any. *crosses fingers, plays Lotto*

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