What to do when your boss hates you

Dear Evil HR Lady,
I don’t think I’ve seen this topic covered since I started subscribing to you. I’m curious what should I do when I realize that my manager is trying to use old information, and solicit my co-workers’ opinions about me to use it against me? Luckily, I’ve done my job well, and have earned awards for my office. On top of that, my coworkers are fair and all expressed that while we all run into disagreement, they all know that I am a good worker and do my job right.

On top of that, he loves his assistant even though she’s useless, helpless, and just a total waste of oxygen. She will stroke his ego and go along with his crude jokes at work. He will take her out shopping for alcohol and made sure everyone knows. He is a name dropper, and talk about himself a lot; she caters to his ego more than his wife would.

So, am I doomed here? Is there anything I can do to protect myself?

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    1. Yes, yes you do. I discovered a problem with two posts from the migration and when I edited them to fix them, instead of posting as edits, wordpress decided to post them as new posts.


  1. That is a fair reason… I kept thinking what?? Am I going crazy?? No worries! Happy New Year.

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