2 thoughts on “5 Signs you’re a lousy boss

  1. Number 5 is one that gripes me. Giving credit to an employees hard work only strengthens your team. When they feel important they enjoy their job that much more leading to a much more productive employee.

  2. Hi, I have a team of 18 specialists. One in particular has been rude, accusative, subordinate and just unreceptive to any coaching. I strive to always do the “sandwich” Yet, she says “I don’t need a pat on the back on what I do with my job. You never have good news for me, and I’m tired of your accusations. I refuse to speak to you until I have a meeting with you and your boss.” She also uses her personal medical issues and family deaths towards me. I’m looking to see how to make these sessions peaceful or amicable. I strive to stay positive w. her and just give her bullet point coaching and avoid argumentative discussions. She shows me no respect but yet, Ive never returned it to her. What can tips do you have?

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