Why companies must stop office bullying

Everyone knows that employees who are bullied at work are more likely to quit. But a new study from the University of British Columbia shows that it’s not only the victim who is likely to bail — the person’s coworkers are also likely to leave their jobs:

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3 thoughts on “Why companies must stop office bullying

  1. This is fantastic advice. Unfortunately, few companies follow it. I’ve worked with several workplace bullies and as long as they are producers (or can maintain the illusion that they are), they stay put.

    I actually did quit a job once to get away from someone who was so awful they warned me about her when I started. But ya know, she was a good producer. Never acted that way in front of customers. Also it was a family business, so she will probably never be fired. She was the only coworker I’ve ever had that I actively hated.

    1. I hear more about bad family businesses then anything else. When owners higher family and friends bad things often happen.

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