Why your HR department is unfair

Dear Evil HR Lady,

What do you do when you see blatant unfairness coming from your own HR department? I’ve been in HR 12 years and I have seen and heard my share of biased items. What do you do when the company actions are undoubtedly inequitable within the HR department and company wide? For example:

-Inconsistent PTO payouts schedule upon term (some paid for a whole year accumulation regardless of date of term, some paid by calendar accrual)

-Non-compete agreements for multiple levels of management within same department for some and not others

-Generous severance package for voluntary terminations

-Severance package for policy/misconduct terminations

Mostly, it seems we’re acting on the whims of senior management. Should I blow the whistle here?

To read the answer click here: Why your HR department is unfair.

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2 thoughts on “Why your HR department is unfair

  1. Another great response! It really is difficult for many people to understand that unfair does not equal illegal. It may not be good business practice, it may not be a good morale tactic, but it doesn’t mean it’s illegal. And, as you noted, it may not really be unfair, either, when you know all the details.

    1. Donna Ballman (who write Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home, which is about the best name for a blog ever) pointed out on Twitter that I should have mentioned that HR works for the company not the employee. People think HR will be on their side.

      Things may look unfair, but sometimes that’s the best for the company.

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