Be cautious before giving feedback to your boss

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I recently started a job in the call center department of a famous bank. I used to hear many people complain about the services from that call center. The point is that when I started the job and took the 40-day training, I was surprised that I only learned 20 of the bank’s services. When I was receiving calls, I couldn’t answer the customers due to my lack of knowledge.

My question is should I send feedback to the manager of the department, pointing out the importance of having good training for its employees, or will that be thrown back to my face because I’m a new employee? Will it be counted as negative or positive feedback?

I hope you understand what I am trying to say, and I really need your advice because I like working in this bank but I don’t like what I’m seeing.

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2 thoughts on “Be cautious before giving feedback to your boss

  1. All jobs take time to get used to. This is key; often, new employees are quick to say “The training sucks.” Not to excuse us from training and at least trying to do it well, but all new jobs have a learning curve. Give it some time before you conclude that this is the case.

  2. Dont be cautious while giving Feedback, Just be Intelligent!! You may be (Must Be) right in quoting that the training does not suffice the needs of a call center executive. You can always point this out to your Manager, There is nothing to be wrong in this!!! Nothing…There are two points after you do this…Either your Manager will review the process and Congratulate you for your proactiveness, Or He will find that there is some lapse in your understanding as the process of training is in itself sufficient. In this case, Your Manager can tell you to improve upon your skills!!! Both ways You are benifited!!! If you are Not and your Manager takes this Feedback negatively(Which is very unlikely to happen in any good org), It is not the Best place where you should work :)!

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